COR Corner

  • A Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) is an individual designated and authorized in writing by the Contracting Officer (KO) to perform specific technical or administrative functions. The COR is the eyes and ears of the KO, and reports back to the KO for action when needed. The COR does NOT have the authority to modify the contract or further obligate or deobligate the Government, only a warranted KO, acting within their warrant authority, has this ability.

    IAW DFARS 201.602-2(d)(1), a COR shall be an employee, military or civilian, of the U.S. Government, a foreign government, or a North Atlantic Treaty Organization/coalition partner. In no case shall contractor personnel serve as CORs.

    The COR Guidance on the appointment and duties of CORs is provided in the Department of Defense COR Handbook located at Click on the image on the right to also view the COR Handbook.

    All appointment functions for CORs currently occur in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE), Joint Appointment Module (JAM) accessible at Requiring Activity personnel seeking to be appointed as a COR must have a PIEE account and access to the JAM module. The impending COR for a specific contract action initiates the process with a self-nomination within the JAM Module using the “Create Appointment” feature. After supervisory approval, the KO responsible for that specific contract action will review the nomination and create the appointment letter within the JAM module. The appointed COR will then use the Surveillance and Performance Monitoring (SPM) Module for management, oversight, surveillance, and performance monitoring of that contract action.

Medical Readiness Contracting Offices
  • HRCO building sign

    Health Readiness Contracting Office

  • MRCO-East HQ Building
    MRCO, East

    Medical Readiness Contracting Office, East

  • BAMC Hospital
    MRCO, West

    Medical Readiness Contracting Office, West