Acquisition Forecasting

Forecasting is a tool targeted to both industry and government to provide information on existing and planned contracting actions within USAHCA. Our forecasting is provided from two angles, the first is new awards that have been issued by USAHCA contracting offices within the previous 6 months; the second is planning for the next fiscal year and beyond. Forecasting may be especially helpful to small businesses seeking prime and subcontracting contracting opportunities with USAHCA requiring activities. The forecasting plan will be updated biannually.

Bi-annual New Awards
This section contains contract award information for all new contracts and orders issued by USAHCA. Additional information on contract awards, including modifications, may be obtained via the website or through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) channels. Please contact the MEDCOM FOIA Office via email at for FOIA requests.

  • Awards January 2020 –June 2020 (TBA)
  • Awards July 2020 – December 2020 (TBA)

Bi-annual Forecasted Requirements
This section contains anticipated requirement information for upcoming and planned requirements based on historical data and upcoming contract expiration. The information provided does not indicate that the Government will have an actual requirement and it is not an assured opportunity. For current opportunities, please go to the System for Award Management at

  • Forecasting FY21 (TBA)
  • Forecasting FY22 (TBA)

Medical Readiness Contracting Offices
  • HRCO building sign

    Health Readiness Contracting Office

  • MRCO-East HQ Building
    MRCO, East

    Medical Readiness Contracting Office, East

  • BAMC Hospital
    MRCO, West

    Medical Readiness Contracting Office, West