Unsolicited Proposals

    When new and innovative ideas do not fall under topic areas publicized under Government-initiated solicitation or programs, the ideas may be submitted to the Government as unsolicited proposals. Unsolicited proposals allow unique and innovative ideas or approaches that have been developed outside the Government to be made available to Government agencies for use in accomplishment of their missions. Unsolicited proposals are offered with the intent that the Government will enter into a contract with the offeror for research and development or other efforts supporting the Government mission. [FAR 15.601]

    Per Army Federal Acquisition Regulations, Government personnel shall not disclose proprietary data included in an unsolicited proposal for any purpose or use except for evaluation purposes.  In the event a contract award is made as a result of an unsolicited proposal, the Government shall have the right to duplicate, use, or disclose proprietary data to the extent provided in the contract. [AFARS 5115.605]

    If you have an innovative idea or approach that you believe would benefit the MEDCOM mission, you may submit the documentation required by FAR 15.605 to the USAHCA Unsolicited Proposal Coordinator here: usarmy.jbsa.medcom.list.usahca-unsol-prop-coord@mail.mil

    Submissions that do not constitute a valid unsolicited proposal according to the FAR will be returned to the sender. If the unsolicited proposal does not relate to the MEDCOM mission, we will attempt to forward it to the appropriate Army activity or it will be returned to the sender. If the unsolicited proposal does relate to our MEDCOM mission, but there is a current or pending procurement, or the proposal is for something that must be procured competitively and there is no potential for being able to justify a sole-source procurement, then the unsolicited proposal will be returned to the sender. [DA PAM 70-3]

Regional Health Contracting Offices
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    Health Readiness Contracting Office

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