Procurement Advisory Notices (PANs)

Procurement Advisory Notices (PANs) are brief informative documents developed to provide command policy and guidance to customers regarding specific contracting subject areas in accordance with Army contracting regulations

Category Management

NOTICE: A review of FPDS contract data shows that incorrect Product Service Codes (PSCs) are being used on contract actions. Of particular concern are those contract actions coded with Q999, when a more specific PSC is available. Attached is a guide which shows the most commonly miscoded services in USAHCA and the recommended PSC codes for each action going forward. The guide also describes when it is appropriate to use Q999, since there are occasions when it is appropriate; for example, the DHA Medical Support Services (MSS) contract vehicle requires use of Q999 when medical support personnel are not covered in the Q6, Q7, or Q8 series. Requiring activities must select the most accurate PSC related to their contract action

REFERENCES: FPDS PSC Manual (October 2020 Edition) at:; PSC Selection Tool at; and Product Service Code Prediction Service

BACKGROUND: The Army has implemented category management and the contract/spend is aligned to the categories/sub-categories based on the PSC assigned to the contract. It is important to use the correct PSC so that the contract will be aligned with the appropriate category/sub-category. With the exception of Q901, all actions coded “Q” align to the medical services category. We have noted that some categories of services have been coded as R-services when there is an appropriate Q-service available; for example, medical clerks should be coded Q802 and medical record coders should be coded Q601. If a PSC starting with "R" is used, that contract action is inappropriately aligned to the Professional Services Category rather than the Medical Services Category and Army’s spend analysis is skewed. While it can be beneficial as a starting point to review the previous PSC code used during a reprocurement or from a similar contract action, the KO/KS cannot always rely on that code being accurate.

NOTICE: The General Services Administration's Federal Acquisition Service has published a revised Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) Product and Service Codes (PSC) Manual (October 2020 Edition). The updates in this revision are effective 29 October 2020. The current PSC changes predominantly effect the R&D and IT and Telecom categories of category management. For USAHCA the most applicable change is PSC Q901 which was previously established at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic for “Aseptic Housekeeping Services,” but has now been renamed to “Healthcare Environmental Cleaning” and includes sanitation of facilities such as operating rooms to infection control standards.

REFERENCES: The FPDS PSC manual (October 2020 Edition) can be found at: Other Tools to include the PSC to Object Class Crosswalk and the PSC Map to OSD Comptroller Categories for CARES ACT can be found at

BACKGROUND: The federal category management groups for Information Technology and Research & Development proposed extensive changes to the Product Service Codes that represent those products/services earlier this year to the Procurement Committee for eGovernment; which were approved. GSA has implemented these changes in the PSC Manual October 2020 issuance.

Manpower Reporting

NOTICE: The subject memorandum informs the contracting community of the deployment of the Service Contract Reporting (SCR) section in the System for Award Management (SAM) for the Department of Defense (DoD) and provides instructions and training resources on SAM user roles and accounts, submission of reports, and search capabilities. DoD contractors were able to begin submitting reports for FY20 on October 16, 2020 and SAM SCR will close for FY20 contractor reporting on January 31, 2021. This notice applies to service contracts or task orders that are valued in excess of $3 million and is for logistics management services, equipment related services, knowledge-based services, or electronics and communications services awarded by or on behalf of the DoD. This reporting requirement and interface is intended to replace the Contractor Manpower Reporting (CMR) requirement previously required through the eCMRA website.

REFERENCES: Acting Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting Memorandum, Subject: Deploying Contractor Service Contract Reporting in the System for Award Management, Dated: 15 October 2020 available at; DoD Guidebook for Service Contract Reporting and FAQ available at

BACKGROUND: The purpose of this alert is to inform the contracting enterprise that SAM is operational for input of contractor manpower data for FY20. A subsequent notice will be forthcoming concerning the pending DFARS revisions that reflect the new location for contractor manpower data input and the DFARS clause contracting officers will enter into applicable contracts.

Cloud Computing

NOTICE: On January 15, 2021, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army provided guidance for Army Enterprise Cloud Services and Modernization.

REFERENCES: HQDA EXORD 009-20 Army Data Plan Implementation in support of cloud migration, 152158Z Nov 2019; Fragmentary Order (FRAGO 1) to HQDA EXORD 009-20, 042257Z Mar 20 2020; Army Cloud Plan, 2020; AFARS 5111, 5139 and Appendix HH - Cloud Computing

BACKGROUND: The directive mandates that cARMY is the required hosting environment for: all new applications and software development, the modernization of legacy software and existing cloud environments to be consolidated leveraging Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) design patterns across Development, Testing, Staging and Production for operational data and services at specific supporting Impact Levels. For all cloud-related IT requirements, Army commands will coordinate their cloud design and capacity requirements with the Enterprise Cloud Management Office (ECMO).

Regional Health Contracting Offices
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